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ServSafe Ops drives operational efficiency through task verification, access to information, ongoing training, issue identification, employee engagement, and more.

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Checklists & Tasks

Convert daily, weekly, and monthly tasks into custom checklists to drive operating performance.

Messages & Nudges

Send and receive messages and reminders for important tasks.

Issue Reporting

Report issues on-the-go, title and describe the issue, add an annotated picture, even select priority and category.


Upload training videos and documents for staff to easily view.


Share restaurant-specific news.


Keep all materials, such as rollout guides and pictures, in one easy-to-access place.

Made by Restaurant People For Restaurant People

Recent studies show that operators who used restaurant tech reduced staff turnover by 13%, saving an average $6,000 in new hire costs for a 10-person team.1
95% of restaurant owners say tech improves the overall efficiency of their restaurants. And ServSafe Ops is no different, saving you time and headaches while increasing customer satisfaction.2

Your Restaurant Chops with our Experience and Expertise

  • App comes loaded with a robust training library of more than 80 industry videos
  • Restaurant checklists available to be customized for your specific operations
  • User management through admin portal
  • Dashboards that display task completion and give the ability for issue resolution
  • Easy onboarding and training for you and your staff
  • Unlimited users and data
  • Works for hospitality venues of all kinds

ServSafeOPS is a great balance of functionality, price and ease of use.

Adam Foale,
General Manager

Helping your business run more smoothly

Our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard is where the magic happens. Here, managers get a concise overview of everything that’s happening in your restaurant — so they can easily manage tasks, issues and other key app features while even discovering trends over time.

This invaluable view lets your managers see the big picture while handling everything in the weeds and ultimately helps the restaurant stay aligned with your company’s strategy and achieve your goals.

ServSafe Ops will help transform your restaurant into a safe, efficient workplace – at the click of a button.

1 Littman. (2021, September 8). Why aren’t restaurant workers coming back? Here’s what the data shows.
2 Schwartz. (2020, February 24). Restaurants: Now Is The Time To Embrace Tech.